Interior Wash Station

Portable Wash Stations conform to OSHA and CDC guidelines for at-risk associates.

  • Wash stations provide a quick and convenient method to maintain clean hands.
  • Touchless faucet with powered water heater reduces transmission of germs.
  • Touchless soap dispenser reduces transmission of germs.
  • Cabinet is completely non-porous and easily sanitized.
  • Inset power receptacle allows for easy relocation and powering.
  • Optional Lithium Power Pack for maximum portability.
  • Optional locking base storage for maximum security.

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Product Data
PRODUCT NAME Interior Wash Station
PRICE $2,180

Wash Stations provide on-demand hand washing for entry and work stations. HPL Laminate cabinet includes touchless faucet and a stainless-steel sink. All surfaces are non-porous and easily sanitized with common cleaners. The Wash Station is outfitted with hose connections for water supply and drain.

Easy load wall-mounted soap dispenser and towel dispenser with integrated 10-gallon waste basket.

Caster base with inlet power connection for ease in relocation and powering.

Optional locking base cabinet access.