Exterior Wash Station

Portable Wash Stations conform to OSHA and CDC guidelines for at-risk associates.

  • Wash stations provide a quick and convenient method to maintain clean hands.
  • Touchless faucet with powered water heater reduces transmission of germs.
  • Touchless soap dispenser reduces transmission of germs.
  • Waterproof exterior cabinet is completely non-porous and easily sanitized.
  • Inset power receptacle allows for easy relocation and powering.
  • Optional Lithium Power Pack for maximum portability.
  • Optional locking base storage for maximum security.

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Proudly manufactured in Dayton, Ohio

Product Data
PRODUCT NAME Exterior Wash Station
PRICE $1,315

Wash Stations provide on-demand hand washing for entry and work stations. Molded plastic cabinet includes touchless faucet and soap dispenser, and a stainless-steel sink. All surfaces are non-porous and easily sanitized with common cleaners. The Wash Station is outfitted with hose connections for water supply and drain.

Base storage doors have overlapping design for protection from exterior elements.

Lightweight construction allows the Wash Station to be easily relocated as needed.