Bar Partition

C Pathe’s Partitioning Systems provide a modular solution to provide your customers, patrons, and associates separation and a sense of safety while maintaining your current seating density. Removable
clear acrylic sneeze guards slow the spread of airborne contaminants and provide a clear and open line of sight throughout the space. The popular Bar Topper allows you to separate groups at your bar without
creating walls that inhibit customer service. Keep your bar open, inviting, and profitable with Bar Topper screens that adapt easily to your active bar service.

  • Partitions slow the spread of airborne contaminants Extended design provides side to side separation.
  • Non-porous surfaces are easily sanitized with common cleaning agents.
  • Solid Surface base provides durability, cleanliness, and long-lasting beauty with no open edges.
  • Acrylic inserts allow line of sight for service.
  • Modular design can be adapted for use in any space and relocate with ease.
  • Non-slip rubber pads prevent damage to finished counters and bar tops.
Product Data
PRODUCT NAME Bar Partition
PRICE $220
DEPTH 46.5″
HEIGHT 24.25″

Comply with COVID-19 restrictons by employing C Pathe Bar Partitions on your bar. Guest parties are shielded by clear acrylic screens that extend beyond the bar’s edge to create seating partitions.

The solid surface bases provide stability while allowing you to quickly reconfigure to suit the parties as they arrive.

C Pathe Bar Partitions maintain visibility for your staff so that they can continue delivering great service to each guest.

All surfaces are non-porous and easy to sanitize as required.

Barstools are meant for seating, not separating, so maximize your bar’s profit potential with C Pathe Bar Partitions.